Money not credited in the account

I have created the Niyo account successfully, and inorder to get visa card, I have deposited money through net banking after adding Niyo account as beneficiary, money got deducted from my account but not credited.
Please help, I need to get card asap.
Thank you.

Hey @diddi_vamshi_krishna! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We believe that your funds have been credited to your Niyo SBM account and we see that you placed a debit card request on 30-Jul-2022. For any further help, please reach out to our in-app live chat support and we are happy to assist you.


hi @Deepak I’m trying to login into the app and it shows me “Null check operator used on a null value” and at the bottom of the screen it shows “Please check your internet connection”.
I’m using android mobile and i switched between wifi and mobile network and still i’m unable to login.
please look into the issue

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