Account frozen since 2weeks

My account has been frozen
Asked since 2weeks.
Admin is watching my chat history but not replying. Always tells buzy.

Hi @Mohammed_Muneer

A warm welcome to our Niyo community :innocent:

We’re getting this checked for you with the bank to understand the reason, we’ll coordinate with you, once we’ve an update.

Ranjith M

Hey @Mohammed_Muneer

Thank you for your patience. As per the update we’ve received from the bank, your account is in freeze due to a regulatory compliance issue. Therefore, we request you write to for further proceedings.

Ranjith M

2 day back have wrote request to customer care to unblock account as you have said, and sent to customer care mail ID
There is no reply till now.

It’s been 3days I am waiting for reply.

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This the second text i am to community regarding the same as first issue.
That is the account have been froze, till now has been not solved,
After all procedure each and evry procedure i have done which is guided by this community group.