Niyo Global account Creation Issue

Hey Niyo,
Looks like you have some issues with account creation.

I have tried to create Niyo Global account but account creation is still on going .

However i have just received a monthly statement from SBM.
This indicates that SBM has processed my account opening but Niyo has not been able to.

This seems like a new issue please look into it.

I constantly receive SMS saying further details sent to email but pretty much nothing in my email.

Im assuming somewhere in your pipeline an API is stuck causing a loop everytime and resend the same SMS once the timeout clears.

Can you please have a look at this.

If the issue seems to be unresolvable can you please inititate a closure on SBM side. I cant have a zombie bank account.


Hey @Nikhil_Muralidharan! We’d like to have this checked for you. Kindly request you to inbox us your registered mobile number or write to us at from your registered email ID.


Hey @Deepak ,
I have already written to the email.
Attaching the erros i see here as well for visibility.

@Nikhil_Muralidharan Thanks for sharing the screenshots. It looks like there is a registration issue due to which your account creation is pending on the app. We kindly request you to inbox us your registered mobile number or email address so that we can get this checked for you.

This ticket has been created to track this issue 1166875

@Nikhil_Muralidharan! Thanks for sharing the details. The issue has been already escalated to our teams and they are working on it with the bank. It may take a few more days to get this resolved. We’ll connect with you on receiving an update on this.

@Deepak is there any update on this issue.
Kindly let me know

Hey @Nikhil_Muralidharan! Regret the delay. :slightly_frowning_face: The bank is working on your issue and it’s taking a longer time than expected.

@Deepak any update on this issue.
Would appreciate any update as this has been inactive for 20 days.

Hey @Nikhil_Muralidharan! Seems like there is an issue from the bank side due to which we couldn’t proceed further with the onboarding and we aren’t sure when this gets resolved. Our sincere apologies that we couldn’t onboard you for Niyo SBM at the moment.


Hey Deepak,
In that case shall I contact SBM and get my account closed?

Hey @Nikhil_Muralidharan! You can do that if you wish to close your account and we are sorry about it.


Hey @Nikhil_Muralidharan! Hope you are doing well!

We are pleased to let you know that your Niyo Global by SBM account has been successfully created. You should be able to get to it through the Niyo SBM app. If you need any assistance, contact our live chat service and we will be pleased to help.