Niyo DCB getting blocked after 19/day transactions

I’m facing a card-blocking issue with the Niyo DCB card.

After every 19 transactions, my card got blocked for 24 hours. But still shows the active status in the app. I tried to contact customer support but they don’t have any information regarding the transaction limit. (They always talk about the spending limit)

In Niyo DCB there is a flat 19/day transaction limit, I opened this current account for business purposes but I’m unable to use it. So guys this current account is not useful for business, please don’t rely on this card, always carry a backup card.

I don’t know why they are doing this, 19 limit is nothing for a current account.

Hey @izsurya! Welcome Niyo Community!

We would like to inform you that Niyo Global by DCB is issued only for your personal usage but not for business purposes. If you’ve reached the transaction limit, you may have to wait for the new limits. Here are the spending limits for Niyo DCB.

For further help, you may reach out to our Live Chat support or write to us at