Niyo DCB Global Card blocked/locked on Oct 1

When I was set to do an all-important transaction using Niyo DCB Global card, the transaction was declined 5-6 times only to know later that Niyo had blocked all the DCB card on Oct 1 without customer’s consent. Did anyone else experience such an issue?

Hi @Shravan_Vallaban,

Are you sure it’s blocked ? Coz the only recent update was to deactivate international transactions as per RBI guidelines which they have done. You can activate it easily from the app. Check if that’s deactive or not and then try transacting.


Yes, I tried locking and unlocking the card for online transactions during that particular international transaction, but to no avail.

Hey Sharavan! Welcome to the Niyo Community! Please note that the cards were only temporarily locked as per the new RBI guidelines effective 1st October, 2020. All you need to do is unlock your it by logging in to the Niyo App>Menu>Mange cards.
Here are a couple of videos to walk you through the steps of unlocking your card and payment channels-

  1. Locking and Unlocking the card:
  2. Locking and unlocking payment channels:
    Hope this Helps! LK