Channel Locked - Transaction Declined


I have got the Niyo Card in May - 2021 and then I started using the Card from August - 2021. My first transaction was from Australia, NAB bank with the correct pin and the transaction declined. It declined the second time as well. Then I reset the PIN before tying for the third time to avoid the card being blocked. But the third time with the new PIN, the card was blocked for 24 hours.

I filed a ticket #988751 and it was advised to reset the PIN again after 12AM IST of the day and try again. But when I tried the next day, it gave this error Channel Blocked.

Please note, both my international and domestic transactions are enabled while I was trying to do the transaction, the only catch I can see is, I have started using the card after 3 months of receiving it.

Help me out, I’m running out of funds in this place.


Hey @rajesh72 ! Could you please answer the follow-up questions via DM?