Niyo / SBM Debit Card to stop working post March 15?

Post the RBI restrictions in late January, there was a notification allowing SBM’s Niyo card to work until March 15.

This basically means the current debit card would be unusable post March 15 at international POS/ATMs right? Wanted to confirm from Niyo’s team on this.


Hey @KoolSIM! Welcome to Niyo Community :slightly_smiling_face:

RBI has issued a relaxation with regards to the 23rd Jan circular stopping international transactions. International ATM withdrawals, POS and Tap & Pay transactions are now allowed on your SBM Niyo Global Debit Card. We are working with the bank and are very hopeful that this is will be fully back to normal well before 15th March.

Thank you for your continued faith in us :pray:t3:


Hi Deepak,

Is there still a hope?