Niyo Customer Support

I called Niyo Global Customer Support and the IVR suggests that if i am a Niyo Global member I call from registered mobile number which I am doing, but it disconnects. Is the customer care number not opeational?

Hi @shaileshm, we do not have IVR support for Niyo Global by SBM but relax, we are here to give you a seamless banking experience :blush: You can ping your doubts on the 24*7 Live Chat support or mail us at with your registered email address, and we shall try our best to give you an instant resolution. How about that?

Thanks that will help four sure but I hope you know that calling on 18002586496, an number provided by SBM, you just get hung up asking you to call from registered number, while you are calling from registered number. I think its not operational yet, and in that case the message should just say something on the same lines.

Hey @shaileshm! Thanks for highlighting this. We’ll have this checked from our end and do the needful action.

Stay safe!

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