New feature launch - Import Mutual Funds

Yes you are right. Setting up auto-forwarding will be required in your email and this will be a one time task. While uploading will be manual process every month.

Even now the emails are being forwarded to the same email address so nothing will change if we implement any of these options. Also the CAS does not have any sensitive data. Having said that, we do take safety of our user’s data very seriously so irrespective of how you share the CAS with us, we ensure that your data is not compromised.

Great. I feel the 2nd option of setting up auto-forwarding of email would be a better idea then.

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Got it. Thanks for your inputs :slight_smile:


Not sure if I missed this info, but I want to enquire - does importing mean that my existing account Mutual funds holdings will transfer to Niyo? Or is it an import just to keep track of my holdings elsewhere?

Please clarify as there’s SIPs also and I wonder how they would be updated especially if it’s the second scenario mentioned above.

Hey @pbafna ,
Importing means you can track all your external MF holdings through Niyo and can transact (buy/sell) in them too. This does not mean that they have all been transferred to Niyo though. Once you transact through them, the folio will be jointly held by your external broker/advisor and us.
Also, in the invested money (via SIPs and lumpsums) can be tracked but ongoing SIP instructions cannot be tracked as SIPs are held solely by the broker/advisor and that information is not present in the CAS. In short, if you want to modify your SIP/stop your SIP you will need to do that from your wherever you started it initially.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:


I tried and not all my investments are appearing in overview section. I wanted to know when the NAV’s will be updated in general on working day. most of similar apps does by 09 PM at most.

Hi Kishore! May I know the external funds that are not updated in your portfolio are present in the CAS that you have forwarded to us? If they’re not in the CAS itself then most probably it’s because any other email address is linked to those funds.

If they’re present in the CAS and still not updated in the portfolio, please raise a ticket and we’ll look into it.

The NAV is updated at around 10 PM daily and then at about 6 AM. Sometimes all the funds do not update the NAV by 10 PM so we update again in the morning.

How much time it will take to reflect the imported MF?

Few minutes, that’s all.

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Zero balance folios do not pull up. Reason this is needed is to track the capital gains, else the capital gain that shows is broken and does not show the correct value. This is the only reason that kept me from jumping ship to Niyomoney.

Mutual Funds - CAS
Right now the redemption process is not at all secure, please introduce a OTP authentication layer. Also, where will the redemption amount be credited, will it to the portfolio mapped account or the NiyoX account?


Actually I’m new to this…and I had gone through some posts in this topic regarding forwarding CAS every month.
I want to import for this current offer