Can I important mutual fund of my family members?

Can I import my mother’s Mutual fund ?

If Yes .
Please see the process I’m doing :slight_smile:

  1. In NiyoX
    » Investment
    » Important Mutual fund
    » entered my mom’s email

  2. My mom forwarded email as per instruction

  3. I waited but it couldn’t processed .

Can you please look into the matter?

Hi Roshan,

Only the investments linked to your PAN will be imported in your account. If you want to import your mother’s investments as well then you’ll need to create a NiyoX account in your mother’s name and PAN first.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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@Medhavi_Chandra Thank you :relaxed: for reply.
Yes of course your answer is helpful for me.

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How to remove imported mutual fund?

Hey @Djnitesh . Welcome to Niyo community. To remove your imported Mutual Funds, you will have to raise a ticket in NiyoX app. Here’s the steps to raise a ticket: The NiyoX Chat BOT is here to help you! 🤖

Hope this helps!

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