Now pay for your Mutual Funds on NiyoX in a single click! ☝️

We are thrilled to tell you that we have added a new direct payment option for Mutual Fund investments made through your NiyoX Equitas bank account. Forget the hassle of entering netbanking login credentials or changing apps to approve UPI payments.

You can now simply make your Mutual Fund payments in a single click with easy OTP authentication.

It’s so simple that I can fit all the steps here.

Note: This payment mode is only available for NiyoX Equitas bank account. Fund Transfer limits of your NiyoX Equitas bank account are applicable for using this payment option. If you have exhausted the limit for that day, you’ll get the option to make the investment using Netbanking or UPI or Auto-pay (if registered).

P.S. Our investment journey also has a new look and feel. If you like it, give a shoutout to our tech team in the comments, they’ve been working on this new and easy investment flow for a month now! You can update your app to check this out.

Try investing and tell us once you do!

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Please tell me if i import mutual fund portfolios from other offline brokers which are invested in regular growth option in various schemes at the moment shall i be able to sell them directly on niyo money app or first switch to direct funds separately and then only able to redeem/sell??? Which one ?? Because in these pandemic circumstances it is really very tough fr me to go to cams/ Karvy office to sell regular funds only… please provide an update to enable the direct sell option of imported regular mutual fund schemes… It will be really beneficial

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Hi Satadip,

You don’t need to convert them to direct to be able to sell those funds from NiyoX. You can simply import and redeem directly anytime you want.

Also, we have a switch to direct feature in the pipeline which will let you switch from regular to direct funds in just a click. You won’t have to visit any office physically for that.

For now, you can simply redeem your regular investments and re-invest in direct funds through NiyoX if you want.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Okk let me try as u said… If it fails i will let u know thnk u …:blush:

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I was not aware of this update, and made a lumpsump investment yesterday, and it was super quick.

I was shocked for a moment though. Great feature :ok_hand:

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Could you please add another feature wherein we get an option to select all or some mutual funds in our portfolio and invest in all selected funds from portfolio with a single click?

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Glad to hear that Suresh! Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey! Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

We do have a feature of investing in multiple funds in one go. For that you can click on Invest button of a fund, and on the amount page click on “Add Funds”. You can then add multiple funds and make a single payment for all of them.

Let me know if this is what you were looking for.

Thanks a lot for your reply.
I got what you are referring to but here i would need to do this exercise every time I wish to invest for some of funds in my portfolio. So for eg if i have 20 funds in my portfolio, i need to jot them down somewhere and then go to add funds page, search each of the funds, add every one of those and then pay.

I was referring to a better feature where we can go to our “portfolio” and select all required funds in which we want to invest from there only via check box or something of that sort. Thereafter we can proceed to pay.

The key term here is the “portfolio” where I have my funds where i have invested and then want to invest into selected funds from that “portfolio” only.

Understood. I have noted your feedback. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


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