New feature launch - Import Mutual Funds

Hey! We are thrilled to announce a new feature in Niyo Wealth - Import Mutual Funds :confetti_ball:

You’ll be able to access this feature in the latest app update.

P.S. I have worked on this feature as a Product Manager. Shoot your questions/feedback/suggestions about this feature in the comments below and I’ll be happy to take them. I’d also love to know about more features that you’d like to see on Niyo Wealth. :blush:

Hello @Medhavi_Chandra,

It would be great if there is an add to WISHLIST option in each MF page and a WISHLIST TAB in MF home page.

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Hey! Thanks for the suggestion Alan. I’ll surely look into it :slight_smile:

Hi @Medhavi_Chandra,

You are welcome! Looking forward for this feature in the app soon.


Will this feature allow to complete our full KYC in our account?

If your KYC is not registered already then that is the first thing we help you do before you can start investing. So you can go to Mutual Funds section and fill the registration form to register your KYC online.
I am guessing if your KYC is not registered you might not have any MF investments outside Niyo which you can import here. But you can surely make fresh investments through us after completing your KYC through us.

If i do this KYC for niyo wealth can i use my account for more than 1 lakh limit

Hello Medhavi,

Thrilled to know about the feature, Congratulations to you and your Team. :congratulations:

I just want to point out one thing,
just now i have registered in Mutual funds section after seen your post with excitement.
But while registration one step appears where need to do signature, at that point my app stuck with infinite loader. Then i have closed the app and tried again to complete the process but whenever i click the wealth section in menu bar, my app got stuck with infinite loader ( check with my attached image).

Kindly check this bug and let us know the solution.

Abhash :slight_smile:

Sorry about that Abhash :frowning: If you can just raise a ticket through the app for Mutual Funds, we will get your requisite details and look into it immediately. You can put in the same text and screenshot.

No, this KYC is just for Mutual Funds on Niyo Wealth. It won’t be applicable for your savings account.

Let it be Ma’am, I have raised many tickets with different medium through Niyo app, whatsapp, community. Not a single issues resolved. Very frustrating.
Whatsapp support is worst, never received reply before 24hrs and the reply makes no sense.

With these kind of support system no-one refer this platform to any colleague or friends where Monthly Average Balance is INR 10000.

I was very excited while opening the account to use the services.
But feeling sad.

Hope any responsible person going through the feedback.

Regards :+1:

I can completely understand the disappointment Abhash. :frowning: If you can just message me your email address on the community itself, I will make sure to look into the issue personally and give you updates. I am heading the operations at Niyo Wealth. Hope to hear back from you.

Used the feature, but CAMS reports are not showing my Paytm Money MF investments.

Hey Ankur, thanks for the message.
The Consolidated Account statement (CAS) usually has all folios associated with a single email ID. If the paytm folios are associated with another email ID, then this CAS will not have the folios and we will not be able to update it in Niyo. So if this is the case, we would request you to generate the CAS with the other email ID in the same flow in Niyo and then forward it like the earlier on.
Alternatively, if the CAS has the folios and you still cant see them in Niyo, do let us know and we will be sure to look into it further.
Looking forward to your response.


Makes perfect sense. Thanks.


Hey Abhash, happy to know that this issue has been resolved :slight_smile: Happy investing!

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Tried it and it works well.
One suggestion - Would it be possible for you to add an option in the app so that we can upload the CAS document from our phone only rather than forwarding it to an email id?


Hi Himanshu! Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:
Just a follow up question on this - given these options, what will you prefer:
a) Upload CAS (as per yoru suggestion) or
b) Enable one-time auto-generation of CAS on Niyo and auto-forwarding on your email so that a fresh CAS gets generated automatically monthly and gets auto-forwarded to us.


Hey Medhavi,

Even though I was looking for the first option, the option b does look interesting.
But do I need to set up an auto-forwarding in my email account so that the mail from CAS is auto-forwarded to Niyo every month? If yes, wouldn’t it be a little bit complicated?

Also, since all these emails from all users are being forwarded to one email address (with the same password I guess), is it really a secure way to implement this?