Money Deducted from Bank bit not Credited in Niyo gloabl

Why does this always happen with me. When i transfer the money, it doesn’t get credited in Niyo global acc. And Why is it that at night the app cannot fetch the details? Why are Niyo global servers always down when i need it the most? There was a big amount stuck and thank god i got it back and now this small small amount to check if it gets credited in Niyo global, but it doesn’t. Google pay shows transferred successfully but Niyo global doesn’t show it got credited. This is so risky. What if i transfer a big amount and it doesn’t get credited in Niyo global. Give an answer please team. Im going to Uk with this card and i want to know if i can rely on this.

Hey @Aayush_Jain! Welcome to Niyo Community!

There’s a regular server maintenance activity by the bank at late night due to which a few of the functionalities like transaction, and balance fetch will be affected. After the maintenance activity, you will be able to view or fetch the account balance and will be able to make fund transfers without any issues. We are working closely with the bank to have this fixed. Please be assured that your funds will be safer and you should be able to make international transactions using your Niyo Global card.