Money not credited in NIYO GLOBAL ACCOUNT - Need Assistance

Hi Team,

I have transferred Rs. 10,000.00 (Ten thousand) from my bank account to NIYO GLOBAL account, according to my bank the transaction is successful (I called & checked with bank), but even after 48 Hrs the money is not getting credited to my NIYO GLOBAL account, could you check please because the situation for me is very scary.

Akshit Kumar

Hey @Akshit087! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We kindly request you to share the transaction details (date of transaction, the bank from which the funds were transferred, bank account number, transaction reference number) with us at from your registered email or reach out to our live chat support through the app and we’ll have this checked.


Transaction Date : 25th June 2022
Bank : S.B.I
UTR No.: SBIN522176441209 Dt. 25.06.2022
Niyo Global IFSC Code : DCBL0000VAA

Thanks for sharing the details. We will have this checked with our team and help you.

@Deepak Please try to solve urgently because this is a scary situation for me

@Akshit087 please do not worry, we’ll help you with this. Rest assured, your funds will be safer.

Hey @Akshit087! I’ve tried to reach out to you on your registered mobile number. Unfortunately, couldn’t get through. I’d like to inform you that your funds have been credited to your Niyo DCB account. You can log in to the app and view the updated account balance.

Hope I was able to help you with your concern. For any further help, you may write to us at from your registered email or reach out to our live chat support through the app.

Stay safe!


Hi Deepak,

Thank you for your email, I confirm that I have received the amount

Akshit Kumar

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@Deepak : Thank you for the information I confirmed that amount is now reflecting in my Niyo Global Account. THANK YOU

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