Money is debited from my HDFC account bit not showing anything on NIYO app?

Few minutes before i transfer big amount from my HDFC bank to niyo account and that amount is debited but not credited in Niyo account. What should i do? tomorrow is my flight. Please solve this issue as soon as possible. Please :pray: humble request.

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You can wait for response from the customer care.

But as per my experience it would revert back within 48-72 hrs to your HDFC bank account. So in the meantime you should repreat the transation, which would get credit in the normal course.

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Few minutes ago i transfer big amount from my HDFC account to NIYO account but still not credited. I already used Gpay for this and work perfectly but this time its stuck.
Please transfer my amount as soon as possible. My flight is tomorrow. Humble request. Thank you. @Deepak please solve this issue.

Hey @rohit_suryawanshi! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Inconvenience regretted! We are unable to identify your account details. If you still haven’t received the funds to your Niyo Global account, the chances are there that the amount will be auto refunded to your HDFC account within 2-3 days. We kindly request you to wait and check with your bank on this. For further help, you may reach out to Live Chat Support using your Niyo Global app.


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Thank you for reply. I got my money. Thank you for suggestions. Have a great day.