Niyo Account not credited after NEFT money transfer

It’s been over 2 days since I have made an NEFT transfer to Niyo account and the account is still not credited. Your customer support is worthless. No help, only pre-templated responses. Multiple tickets filed. Yet, there has been no resolution. And before you ask, yes, I have already confirmed with the source bank that the payment transaction has been successfully executed at their end.

Not recomending this product to anyone. It’s absolutely mind-boggling that with the kind of payment infrastructure in place in India currently, you still cannot track payment workflows and provide a speedy resolution to the customer.

Hey @Parijat_Ghosh! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Our sincere apologies for the experience you had. We see that you have received funds in your Niyo Global account. Our team is working with the bank to minimise the delay in transactions. Your feedback has been noted, and we’ll work on it to improve our services.