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I scheduled a KYC for my new NiyoX account for 14th May for the first slot 8 am to 12 pm as there is no restriction for vehicle and human movement from 6-10 am here… He called me at 11 55 am and spoke rudely and asked me to come to some place very far from my home if the KYC was needed to be done. He speaks as if I am the only one interested. As I didn’t have a vehicle, I requested him to come to my residence itself. Today (15th May) he straight up called and told that he won’t come at any cost. Is there any option?

Firstly, greetings from NiyoX community. It is adviced to create a ticket in the NiyoX app to get this issue resolved. Here’s the steps on how you can create a ticket: The NiyoX Chat BOT is here to help you! 🤖

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Hey @Allamaprabhu_Ani, sincere apologies for the inconvenience. Your feedback matters to us. Rest assured, the issue has been highlighted and a stern feedback will be shared with the ECOM partner regarding this. We aim to provide you the best banking services! SR

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I’m unable to reschedule my KYC appointment. There’s been a no-show for 2 days now. This is the prompt I get when I try to reschedule it. PFA screenshot.

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