Kyc and customer service is not responding

Let me explain my issue first
Please consider my query
I Have booked my kyc appointment on 6th May 2021
From that day onwards my kyc appointment is keep rescheduling daily and one day that is on 13th may agent called me and asked to me to come somewhere else that is so far from my communication address and then I said I won’t come and then he said I will come tomorrow
But he did not come
Now in the app it is showing you have exhausted all your chances for rescheduling and call to customer customer care
Now what I have to do
Is this the right thing done to me
Now I am thinking the only mistake I have committed is taking account in niyox bank…
Just prove me wrong by solving my issue

Hi Sankar,

We highly regret the inconvenience caused :frowning:
While I write this to you a strong feedback has been shared to the biometric team. Allow us sometime and we shall get back to you at the earliest.


I want my kyc to be done at the earliest.please do something

Hi Sankar,

Someone from our biometric team will get in touch with you soon.

Appreciate your patience :slight_smile:

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