I need Niyo Global card urgently as I need to go to USA for my Masters


  1. Go to https://www.delhivery.com/
  2. Enter your Mobile number
  3. Click ‘GO’
  4. View your card status


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This worked I can track my card thanks for this I appreciate your efforts, but my card is yet to be picked up even after 4 days. Please help me with that as I need it urgently before 6th Aug

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@harshal_jaiswal , We assure you we will try to deliver the card within said time :slight_smile:
Appreciate your patience


@Bansari i want Niyo global card by dcb bank

@Bansari i want niyo global card i am traveling to Ukraine for studying i need in urgency

@Aswathy_Nambiar i want niyo global card i need in urgency i m traveling to Ukraine

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.niyo.sbm download and create account from here

Hi @Nitin_Kumar

Please note Niyo Global by DCB is expected to go live in last week of August 2021. Till than you can get your hands on Niyo Global partnered by SBM as suggested by @harshal_jaiswal.

Kindly note Niyo SBM is a Beta Version product and you might get some hiccups but don’t you worry we are here to help you :muscle:t2:


This message is seeing there

Hi @Nitin_Kumar,

We regret to inform you that as of now we are unable to onboarded you and Ouch! It hurts :broken_heart: to say this, but, rest assured, you’ll be among the first to be notified once you become eligible for the onboarding process. Meanwhile we’re still investigating if these CKYC drops are genuine or is there a bug here.

Your forbearance is highly appreciated.

Can you please tell me about niyo global card

Hey @Nitin_Kumar ! Do you have a CKYC number? If yes, could you please drop us your phone number via DM?

Hey @Nitin_Kumar ! We’ve deleted your message as it contained sensitive information. Kindly make sure to DM a Niyo representative if your message contains any sensitive information. Rest assured, we’ve got the required details.


Hello @ashrithjain @Bansari @Vinay_Bagri

Can you please share some clarity on the Niyo IDFC 0% Forex Markup Account?

Firstly, the account is no longer in your hands, which is a bummer. Worse, the interest rate is now a maximum of 6% and not the 7% promised while signing on.

Now please tell me:

1. Is the Card still 0% Forex Markup?
2. Is the Card still Lifetime Free?
3. Is the Account still Zero Balance Savings Account?
4. Does the Card offer Airport Lounge Access?
5. Can I make international transactions with the card?

Please find attached a screenshot of another conversation between @ashrithjain and another customer where he mentions the card is still 0% Forex Markup and Lifetime Free.

But in this post, he mentions the rates have been and can in the future also be revised by IDFC Bank.

Which of these statements do I now believe? Very disappointed with the whole experience! Kindly provide answers to all the questions

Hey @ArvindMaveric ,

Welcome to the Niyo Community! :blush:

Here’s a post from our CEO for your reference:

This will continue to be a zero balance savings account.
Additionally, there is no airport lounge access (wasn’t there earlier) and yes you can make international transactions.

Hope that answers all your questions.

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I cannot find Niyo SBM app on the App Store for iOS.

Hi @Ritika_Dhiman ,

Welcome to the Niyo Community!
Could you please elaborate on which product link you were looking out for? :thinking:


So basically I am want a Niyo global forex card but it is on hold. I need it urgently and was searching for Niyo SBM on App store following the above thread but I don’t see thus app there.

Here, I believe detailed answer to your query could be here : Beta Version - Niyo Global in partnership with SBM Bank India (State Bank of Mauritius)🌎

Do get back to us in case of any further queries.

Hi Aswathy, Good day!
Just wanted to check if that card is available with a 0% markup fee.

Thank you.