Are there any changes in forex markup on Niyo IDFC debit card

Please let me know !

Hey @Tousif27 ! Here at the community, we encourage our users to search for the answers so that you don’t have to wait for your query to be answered. Here, I feel that this query has been answered here: I need Niyo Global card urgently as I need to go to USA for my Masters - #15 by pathikjhaveri77111

If you have further queries, feel free to reach out again! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@ashrithjain @Aswathy_Nambiar Can you share the revised SOC for Niyo IDFC account?

Hi Ashrith,

I was referring to the Niyo IDFC debit card and not Niyo Global card, kindly check for the same and revert.

Hey @Tousif27 . The topic of the thread I referred maybe of Niyo Global Card, but the post is exactly about your query, make sure to read the same! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Gotcha ! My bad I didn’t read it earlier. I resonate to what the OP of this thread said, it’s really unprofessional at Niyo’s part to lure customers with false promises and later abandon leaving them at the mercy of bank’s policies. Your marketing manager said she couldnt alter as it was imperative for the bank to do it, however you have this community to inform the same which you guys clearly failed at ! Are we going to experience the same with NiyoX and other products which is due to be launched ?


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Hi @Tousif27

Each of our Niyo products have been launched in partnership with different partner banks, each with a set of offerings and specifications that they are able to commit to the product.

In case of IDFC, the expectations we had from each other was different and hence resulted in ending the partnership. We have rigorously sent communication to all our Niyo IDFC users, informing them about the need to move to the IDFC First SA app for all their banking needs.

NiyoX in partnership with Equitas has been developed afresh and we are confident that this product will support your goals, both in savings and investments.

Hope that answers your questions.

Hi @Aswathy_Nambiar ,

Agreed to what’s stated above but you didn’t really answer my question. We were one of the first few customers when the pilot project of Niyo IDFC was started. The “rigorous” attempts were made to inform customers to shift to IDFC banking app and not about the changes in promises which were made earlier. Since you claimed it was on the bank’s part to inform about it, as a courtesy you could atleast inform here in the community about the changes we ll be expecting rather than getting surprised later. I HOPE as Niyo customers we deserve so much !


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Since the partnership ended, all the changes have been handled by the bank. It’s not our place to share changes that have no involvement with us. Hope you understand?

Hi, There are no charges on the card… it continues to be 0 forex and free for life on fees. Regret inconvenience caused.


@Aswathy_Nambiar if the partnership has ended I still see the SA associated with “Niyo” card as per the SOC attached so I guess you had some responsibility which wasn’t shouldered upon.

@Vinay_Bagri …thank you for the clarification so I assume that my Niyo card has 0 Forex charges taking your word… Request you to kindly clarify what “free for life on fees” means ? As the SOC clearly states there are no annual charges for the same.
Niyo IDFC SOC.pdf (439.7 KB)

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