I need Niyo Global card urgently as I need to go to USA for my Masters

@Bansari Any updates on when the Niyo Global DCB card issuance will start again? August is almost over. I had applied for the card in July but I am yet to see any updates as such.

Hi @Saikat_Bhowmick ,

We do apologize we can’t give a set timeframe, but our team will come just as soon as there’s an update.


Hey, it’s October. Do you think we can get our hands on the DCB card anytime soon?

@Bansari , I myself applied for a Niyo DCB bank card in July and have not received any messages. Please reply soon, I have a plane ticket for mid-JAN for UK

Hi @ashrithjain | @Deepak | @Aswathy_Nambiar | @Bansari & @Vinay_Bagri,

What’s the delay with Niyo Global by DCB. Why is the deadline been pushed again and again, will Niyo Global by DCB face the same fate as Niyo Global by IDFC ?

Kindly elaborate the delay so we can have our hopes and anxieties on control as most of us in the community are time strapped and gearing up to travel sooner.

Hope we get a positive response with Niyo Global by DCB unlike Niyo Global by IDFC

P.S: Please don’t suggest Niyo Global by SBM as an alternate to Niyo Global DCB as latter is a 0% Interest account while the former is not. It’s culturally inappropriate for few to take interest and I feel the inclusiveness offered is lost by doing so.

Thank you all @NiyoGlobal

Hey @abdurishere! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We kindly request you to please check your inbox and help us with the required details.


Hi @Deepak

Could you please share the status of Niyo DCB? You guys have been telling ‘by the end of quarter service will resume again’ since July. But I haven’t received any mail regarding Niyo DCB card. And I don’t want to use SBM as it is in beta mode and facing many issues.

Please share an update ASAP.

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Hey @Vishvesh! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Thanks for showing your interest in our product. Resuming the services of Niyo Global by DCB is taking a slightly longer time than expected. If your travel date is approaching, you may try our newest product, Niyo Global by SBM. Though it’s in beta mode version, it almost performs like a release version as most of the issues was fixed. In case, if you face any post-onboarding, you may let us know & we’ll try to get that fixed at the earliest.

Our team is working round the clock to enhance the product to deliver a butter-smooth user experience. :iphone: