Urgent Help required on my DCB NIYO GLOBAL card

Not able to access my account. When i put number in my app it takes me to create account. Customer care and emails are Not Getting responded to. Please help

Hello @Priyamvada_Pandey! We believe you are referring to Niyo Global By DCB account. As per the above screenshot, you are trying to open Niyo Global By SBM savings account.

Upon checking, your Niyo DCB account has been suspended due to non-usage. Kindly write an email to us attaching a passport copy to global@goniyo.com from your registered email ID so that we can assist you further. -WB

Thanks for the response. I did send out the requisites. By when can I expect to hear back?

Can I get some help here please

Hello @Priyamvada_Pandey! Thank you so much for your precious time on the call. I’m happy to inform you that your Niyo DCB account has been successfully activated. I apologize once again for the time it took and thank you for your patience & understanding throughout. -WB

Can access it now
Thanks for all the help Wasim :slight_smile: