I am seeing a weird charge named "Surcharge" for transactions made in INR

I am transacting in INR using Paypal. But I see a weird charge named “Surcharge” which is exactly 5%. This was charged again on Aliexpress, Epoch etc.,

One more thing is that Customer Support first says its TCS and then I said its Indian currency, then they said some DCC(Dynamic currency conversion) which will be around more than 7% then I said “its exactly 5% on all merchants, if its dynamic, it should be different for different merchant”.

Then I don’t receive any reply.

I think the customer support is not aware of charges other than TCS and they just forward saved messages on TCS irrespective of questions I asked. This is weird.

Hey @vivekananda.me ! Welcome to :niyo_community: Community. Please wait while we get this checked for you.

Hey @vivekananda.me! Welcome to :niyo_community: Community!
Feedback will be given to our customer support team to be more precise.
We see that you’ve made international transactions using your Niyo DCB card. And, we understand that your transactions were processed in INR through Paypal. Here, we’d like to inform you that for all the international transactions that you’ve made, an additional 5% has been charged as TCS. In case, if you haven’t reached the spending limit of 7 Lacs on your Niyo DCB card for this financial year, the debited TCS amount shall be refunded to your account within 10-14 days.


Cool. Even I thought the same. But no clarification from your team and I still have some doubt on this. I will try a new case scenario to get clarification and keep it posted here.

Thanks anyway.