Extra charges laid on international transaction

I placed an order on stockx via paypal with my Niyo Global Card and the transaction was 1938.6 USD which translated to roughly 1.54 Lakh on 3rd August 2022. My transaction on Stockx was in USD, my default currency on PayPal is USD and the amount transacted via my card was 1.60 Lakh. I read all transaction charges and limitations and currency conversion charges and there were no charges applicable. I was charged extra 6K Rupees and the customer care is not responding. Transaction number: 221515500941.

Hello @kushagrabishnoi ! Welcome to Niyo Community.

Allow us to take a look at your concern. Please provide us some time so that we can check and get back to you with an update. -WB

I have also raised a query regarding this with token number: 1377849, but haven’t got any update there either. please look into this.

After 5 days, I have recieved no update regarding my ticket on the app or email or community. this is how you treat new customers who wants to do transactions and use your cards?

Hello @kushagrabishnoi! We regret the delay. Upon checking, we see that the transaction was done in INR. Hence, Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) charges were levied by Merchant.

We request you always transact in the local currency of the country while you are doing International transactions abroad to avoid any charges of this sort. -WB