ECOM transactions

I tried making an online transaction on the Flixbus app but the payment was declined. However, after nearly one hour later, I received an SMS stating that some amount had been debited from my account. I tried contacting Flixbus customer care but they said the transaction did go through and they won’t refund.

I had also a few days back tried using the Niyo SBM card for online payment. It also was declined. This time around I lost money which I cannot afford as a student. The transaction info is 191149/221719608593/00000000/EMISS/Flixbus

Hi @zm

Worry not! Sit back and relax, the refund is processed for the international transactions should be credited to your account in 15 business days. If the funds are not credited within the mentioned timeline reach out to us. We’ll offer you the needed support.

Ranjith M

@Ranjith The problem is that the bus ticket is for the 14th of August. I cannot get a refund as per Flixbus customer care since the transaction went through. They were reluctant to acknowledge that there app showed a payment error. Instead, I can cancel the ticket and get a Flixbus coupon but have to do that before the 14th. For some reason, the Niyo SBM card hasn’t been reliable lately. I also tried using the card on TUI fly website but the payment was declined. Luckily, they didn’t deduct anything. I cannot wait for 15 days and then realize, I won’t be getting any refund at all. Help me out

I tried making an nooking on Flixbus app using Niyo SBM card but the payment method was declined (this happened to me on different website as well a few days back). So, I proceeded to book the bus with a different card.

However, I received an SMS stating that this much amount has been debited from my SBM account more than an hour later. When I contacted Flixbus customer care, they say the transaction went through so I won’t get any refund. This is very hard on me as a student. Kindly look into it and let me know.

The transaction info is 191149/221719608593/00000000/EMISS/Flixbus