Debit card went to wrong address than the one udoated on bank records

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I got a call today from a Bluedart courier asking to collect a welcome kit and debit card from a different address than one I updated in your bank records. I was very confused how that can happen, now they havee updated in AWB as "consigne shifted from address " . I got call from bludart agent from a very far location than one I updated on my bank records .

Can someone help or suggest to resend my welcome Kit and debit card to as per the address updated in bank records.

Account Number :- 100016219860
Name :Ranjith Kallazhi

Hi @Ranjith_Kallazhi

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This shouldn’t have happened :frowning: The issue has been highlighted with the team. Rest assured, it will be resolved on priority.
We shall keep you updated.


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Thank you for your quick response. Kindly ask your concerned team to contact me , if they need any more details regarding my request.

Surely @Ranjith_Kallazhi


Dear @Bansari
Have you got any update? I tried to email the customer service as well but emails are bouncing from that ID… Please refer to the attachment

Hi @Ranjith_Kallazhi ,

While we are following up regarding this with the concern team, herewith providing you with email address of Equitas Small Finance Bank;


Hi @Bansari, sorry to inform you that email address given by you doesn’t exit, have you read my previous reply with the attachment?
Attaching again for your reference

Dear @Ranjith_Kallazhi ,

Equitas Small Finance Bank has an IVR number as an alternative : 1800 103 1222
You can get in touch with them on working days between 9 AM to 6 PM.


Dear @Bansari ,
Good evening
I got a call from bank side , Mr.Anand gave me all details and the issue has been closed. Thank you for your support

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Good to know that you have been assisted.

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