3 Tickets in 10 days. No support

Hello team,

It has been a very disappointing experience for me. 3 support tickets in 10 days.

  1. For KYC delay
  2. For transactions issues
  3. For Debit card issues
    Not done! For comparison I had to just create 1 ticket in my 4 years of relationship with ICICI Bank that too for an Address update.

I have been waiting for debit card but since no updates no response from Niyo, I raised a ticket and the response I got was hilarious “please connect to Equitas bank for updates”. Niyo connects with us for account creation, Niyo connects with us for deposits but when it comes to providing services they just wash the hands off and we are left to chase equitas bank. At this point NiyoX just seems like a trap. Last time I was assured by one of the product managers in regards to service and was asked for a positive feedback well seems like I will have to go out loud about such a great feedback.

Thanks teams
An unhappy customer!

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Hi Sushil,

Firstly, we’d like to apologies for the inconvenience caused :frowning:

We would like to inform you that each of our products have been launched in partnership with different partner banks, in this case, Equitas Small Finance Bank and each with a set of offerings and specifications they as a bank are able to commit to the product.

For the sake of your security and privacy, certain details remain with the bank and we work with the bank to give you the best experience possible in order to make your banking experience smarter safer and simpler.


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Hi Sushil,

We just checked It has been 9 days since your KYC has been completed however it takes 15 working days for the card to be delivered.

Its sad our country is going through a pandemic and thus there might be some impact on the delivery.

Hope this helps:)

Appreciate your patience


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Hmm. Chalo for a moment let’s take your word that the card will be delivered within 15 days. Now since you guys are open to feedback here’s what I want to say.

  1. The card will not just magically appear at my door steps on the 15th day, logically it has to be dispatched to a courier a tracking number has to be provided etc etc. In this case there has been no communication in regards to the same. Just for your information the cards are dispatched from Anna Salai in Chennai and any normal courier will take atleast 4-5 days for it to be delivered. Since no communication has been received I can assure you that I won’t be getting my card on 14th May.
  2. In regards to the Covid situation. Indeed it’s bad out there but it saddens me to see businesses instead of helping the situation use it to give lame excuses to the customer. See I understand the situation is bad the supply chain might be disrupted etc etc but again there has been no communication from the team NIYO or any updates about the card being delayed which cannot be accepted. Customers are left to figure out their issues on their own.
  3. Since the team niyo was unable to help, I had to look into the matter and on escalation to senior management of Equitas I got to know that the card was never dispatched. Please give me the justification on why I should have NIYO in between when the customer and Equitas can have a fruitful relationship and a good banking experience.
  4. If you really want to make a difference in this sector one kind suggestion, CUSTOMER OBSESSION is the key. No amount of offer will help you retain the customers but the service you provide definitely will.


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Hi Sushil,

Thank you for your thorough explanation of this issue, and our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

To address the crux of what you have outlined, I’d like to take a moment to explain how the card dispatch process works. While Niyo is responsible for facilitating the account creation and KYC scheduling and completion, the actual card delivery process goes through 3 parties: a card printing partner, a card delivery partner and Equitas SFB. Niyo specifically comes into the picture for any app-linked interactions that you have with your account.

In your particular case, it looks like the card is stuck in the dispatch part of the delivery process, and we will work with the bank to look more specifically into this case to give you a better approximation for delivery.

On the note of communication, we greatly appreciate your feedback. We are working on a system that more accurately conveys delivery times, taking into account the constraints of the current pandemic, but naturally, the evolving state of the situation is making this a complex issue to crack.

We will certainly be turning our attention more towards to customer communication side of things as the pandemic continues, and will take into account the very valid points that you have shared.

Feel free to shoot me a DM through Community if you’d like any more clarification specific to your case. I’d be more than happy to work with you on the same.

Take care,

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Hello Arindam,

Thanks for the explanation. Here’s a quick update in case NIYO is not aware of it. On escalation to a senior official of Equitas yesterday and as assured by them on call the card has been dispatched today on priority at 2 pm today from Chennai. Please convey this to your team. It’s sad that a customer has more information and updates about the card than the team does. I do understand the limitations but communication plays an important role in any relationship, which in this case was none till I highlighted the issue. In regards to NIYO being only an app which comes into picture only if app related concerns pops up, Equitas too has a app and in that case NIYO is not need(just saying).

Hope Niyo gets better in the future. Looking forward to a fruitful relationship.


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Hey Sushil!

We’ve got your tracking number on hand as well. Let us know if you’d like us to share the same with you. Glad to hear that it is shipping on priority - we hope you receive it as soon as possible.

On the note of Niyo’s capabilities to support the tracking process, we are taking your comments into consideration. We’ll let you know what we’re able to build into the app to help make this process smoother and better from a communications perspective.

We’re looking forward to an amazing banking partnership with you as well, regret the hassle! :slightly_smiling_face:

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