DCB REMIT Not able to register for transfer

Hi when I go to transfer abroad option, it takes me Dcb remit and it asks me for register when o fill all details in the final page of registeration getting an error “cannot be blank”
Been trying for past 2 days, tried message and calling options, no reverts back.

If I am not getting a resolution, let me know how to close this account, there is no point in having it.

Hey @Prema_Viswanathan! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We are unable to find your registered contact details. If you are trying to transfer the funds using DCB Remit, we believe that you are following these steps:

Log in to Your Niyo Global App > Click on Transfer Abroad > Click on ‘Send Money Now’ > then click ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Login’

Note: You can log in by tapping on ‘Not a DCB Bank Customer’ and following the instructions.

  1. Choose a currency and amount to transfer
  2. Select a Payee (or add a new payee)
  3. Select the source bank
  4. Confirm transfer booking

Kindly note that you cannot initiate international fund transfers using your Niyo Global by DCB account. You have to use your personal savings bank account.


When I select no a Dcb Cuatomer, it is taking me to the registeration page where I face the issue as attached. There is no blank column but says blank

Hey @Prema_Viswanathan! Alternatively, you may try from the website using your PC DCB Remit

In order to complete the transaction, Video- Know Your Customer (VKYC) step has to be completed by customers not holding DCB bank account.

Once funds are received by DCB Bank, VKYC link will be sent to your mobile number and email ID registered with DCB Remit. Please click the VKYC link and kindly complete the video KYC at the earliest, video KYC is mandatory, and is to be completed within 24 hours of receiving the VKYC link. For transactions booked on Saturday, please ensure that VKYC is done within the next working day. Please note non completion of VKYC shall render the DCB Remit request to be cancelled, and funds will be returned to the originating bank account. You can complete your video KYC between 10:00 am IST till 8:00 pm IST on working days.

Upon successful completion of VKYC, your DCB Remit transaction will be processed by the Bank. For clarification, please contact DCB Customer Care at 022-68997777, 040-68157777 or email customercare@dcbbank.com.