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Hi. I have an issue with the card holder name even though i have given the proper details. When i tried to contact with the niyo customer care, it asked me call from the registered mobile number and the call got cut off. I was calling from the registered mobile number. I am not able to connect with the agent because of this.

You can follow these steps -

  1. Open App >> message icon >> Live Chat

  2. Here you can DM who has verified Tag as “ N ”

  3. Alternatively You can mail to

Hey @Janani_Aiswarya ! Welcome to Niyo Community.
(1) As per our records, your full name is “RAVICHANDRAN JANANI AISWARYA”. Unfortunately, the full name cannot be printed on the card due to character limitations.
(2) We do not have a customer care number set up yet. You can use reach out to our support team through the chat platform and we will do our best to help you. :blush:-WB

Thank you for the reply

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