Card returned without even an attempt to deliver

I have ordered my card and since its important i was waiting to get it by the estimated delivery date but the card got returned without even attempt to deliver and the thing is the card didnt even reached to the destination city, and just got returned talking to the support system its mentioned that it will take another 20-25 days, is this a joke someone trust something and then go through a process and wait for something, firstly this is pathetic because our travel time is near and then seriously the service itself is so poor, no communication system , the fault is from niyo global card that they dispatch some faulty card and then it got returned with this issue without even reaching to destination city, no communication between the delhivery system and them, what kind of service you provide

Hey @Rituparna_sonowal! We sincerely apologise for this instance. This shouldn’t have happened. Feedback will be shared with the concerned team. We’ve shared your details with our team to dispatch the card again. Kindly request you allow us a few days and we’ll try to help you with it.



Hello @Rituparna_sonowal ! We’re delighted to inform you that your card has been dispatched VIA Bluedart under AWB # 40511081435. It has arrived at International Tech Park. Please wait for the shipment to be delivered and revert once received. -WB

@Wasim_Al_Basha yeah! I did received a link from blue dart and when tracked its again showing no consignee at the given place, well again i was not called.

@Wasim_Al_Basha so i dont know how blue dart is making a conclusion without even calling and updating the status as no consignee present at the given address!!!

Hello @Rituparna_sonowal ! We’d suggest you call the Courier Partner helpline by choosing ‘Call Us’ on their website and report the same before it is returned to its origin. -WB

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Thanks @Wasim_Al_Basha after like calling bluedart many times, i did received my card, thanks!

Hello @Rituparna_sonowal ! Thank you for the confirmation. We’ve noted down this as feedback and forwarded it to the concerned team internally to make sure such instances aren’t repeated. -WB

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