Card was returned and not able to order again

I have ordered card as of July 22. I had no updates about card status. Contacted customer care through email and live chat and finally today came to know my card was returned. Now when i try to order again getting error. Im traveling abroad next week. Please resolve the issue.

Niyo global card still in ordered status.

I have ordered niyo global card on july 22. And by bluedart it has been sent to mumbai. But im from kerala. I have contacted customer service of niyo global through live chat and email. I have raised many tickets. Till now i didnt get a proper response about the status of my card… i need yo travel by aug 20. Im very disappointed by the service of niyo global

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Hey @Aleena_Sebastian! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We are sorry about it. Can you please share the AWB number of the Bluedart courier? We will have that checked from our end and help you.


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The bluedart AWB number is : 30743584701 and the delhivery tracking id shown in application is 12424111098576.

@Deepak The bluedart AWB number is : 30743584701 and the delhivery tracking id shown in application is 12424111098576.

For the last four days im getting response like my card will be dispatched again but still its not dispatched. Niyo global is really cheating its customers.

I have ordered a card as of july 22. I was eagerly waiting for the card. But in application the status was still ordered. I tried reaching to customer service and after multiple tickets and emails, they told my card got returned. No one notified or called me , then how it got returned i dont know. The customer service told the card will be again shipped soon for the past four days. Till its not dispatched. And today its been told that i will get my card inly after 20-25 days. I really don’t understand whts really happening. No one is telling me the truth regarding the status of my card. My journey date is nearing and Im really disappointed and I feel like Niyo global is cheating its customers.

Hi @Aleena_Sebastian, thoroughly understand the despondency from this instance you’ve come across. We certainly didn’t intend to delay. We have escalated this as well, and we will endeavor to expedite the delivery of your card and share the new information with you as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that shipping by Speedpost takes 20-25 working days. For any further assistance kindly reach out to Live chat support or write to us at our team will be happy to assist you better.

Same here I apply for niyo card 22july they delivered my card to Mumbai as my address is punjab but on the app is showing in order still now I sent ticket but no proper response 2nd August I apply from another vender and I got card last 10 August within a week I cancelled my air ticket twice waiting niyo card.tomorrow I am traveling with another point to waiting for niyo.such a worse service they provide if anyone know how to cancel niyo card let me know

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Finally I got my card after 1month please let me know how to activate card or is pre activated