I sent money to niyo global account that was shown to order your physical card but when I did send it it is not reflecting on my niyo account and it has been debited from my bank as well

I Added money to niyo global account for ordering my Physical card but he amount hasn’t been reflected on my niyo global account i did the net banking transaction from my bank app the money has been debited but it is still not showed on my balance in niyo app.
Where is my money and how do I get it back is this some kind of fraud?

Hello @Omkar_Muley! We understand that you are concerned about the recent transfer of INR 5000 made from the SBI Bank to the Niyo Global By SBM account. Please be absolutely assured that your funds are absolutely safe. We request you kindly wait for 48 hours. The funds should be credited to your account or should be reversed to the source account.

If you do not receive the funds within the given time frame. Feel free to reach out to our live chat support team through the Niyo Global By SBM app with the transaction details. We’re here to help. -WB

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