Atm withdrawal failed still money got deducted

TRANSACTION NUMBER : 102052/223510429257/ 00000000/ ATMISS/BELCONNEN A

Hello Niyo community l, on 23rd of August i tried to withdraw 850 Australian dollars from an atm in Australia through my niyo card but unfortunately the money withdrawal failed and i didn’t receive any money from the atm but when i checked my niyo account the money was deducted from my account in INR 49180 after that day I’ve been trying to reach out to every niyo customer care representative but none of them says anything else than to wait for 15 days. Today is actually the 15th day and i still haven’t received it. This matter is very concerning to me kindly help me out.

Did u get the refund back …??

Hi @34_Anannya_Ghosh, welcome to our community! I really understand and it is also very important too. Not to worry regarding the refund as we have gone through the account so refund transactions are usually processed within 15 business days, for now, it’s still not completed and you will be notified via email is also a reference with the ticket number:1415468. Please do reach out to our team will be happy to assist you better.