Amount not credited to Niyo App from bank of baroda via RTGS


Niyo global account didn’t receive payment made through Bank of baroda RTGS. it’s been more than 6 hours. Could anyone look into the issue asap.


Hello @Asmita_Joshi ! This is not the kind of experience we wish to provide. We request you to please share the transaction details to so that we can check and assist you further. -WB


I have emailed the details, here is the ticket number: 1373040. Could you please check it?

@Wasim_Al_Basha could you please look into this?

This is something that shouldn’t have happened, @Asmita_Joshi ! We sincerely regret the inconvenience. Please be absolutely assured that your funds are absolutely safe. We’ve escalated this to our team. We’ll get back to you with an update as soon as possible.-WB

@Wasim_Al_Basha I am an international student and in a dire need of money to pay my tuition fees and today is the deadline. Could you please escalate it if possible?

Hey @Asmita_Joshi ! We certainly understand the urgency. Please NOTE, the complaint has been flagged and our team is looking into it. Kindly give us some time and cooperate with us.-WB

@Wasim_Al_Basha is there any update?

Hi @Asmita_Joshi, we are very sorry to make you wait. We are constantly following up regarding your funds and we assure you that we will get back to you with an update as soon as we have one. We know that it’s too much to ask, but we urge you to allow us some more time! LK

Hey @Asmita_Joshi! Thank you for your patience. The funds have been successfully credited to your account. We kindly request you to refresh your app and check the updated account balance. For any further help, reach out to our live chat support team through the Niyo DCB app.


I have made a transaction through neft hdfc cheque till now its not credited. Resolve my issue as soon as possible its an emergency.

Hey @Mouri_Kumar_572! Welcome to Niyo Community!

As we checked your account, the funds were not yet credited. The amount might get reversed to the source account within 2-3 business days. We kindly request you to check your HDFC account. If you do not receive the refund within the given timelines, we kindly request you to reach out to our live chat support through the NiyoX app and we’ll have this investigated.