Money has not been credited to my account

Hi, On 10th March 2022, I used UPI to transfer money to my Niyo DCB account from my HDFC account through paytm UPI. I have been doing such transactions in the past and the money used to be instantly deposited. However, this is the first time, that I am having serious doubts regarding the services of Niyo/DCB bank because its been almost 5 days and money is still not credited.

Niyo customer service people have a standard reply that they are checking with the bank(DCB). How much time does it take ? The money has been debited from my source account HDFC. Paytm says that the transaction was successful. Where has my Rs.30,000 gone ?

Hey @Abhinav_Bhatia! Sincere apologies for the delay. :slightly_frowning_face:

Our team is investigating this by following up with the bank. Unfortunately, it’s taking a slightly longer time than expected. Please be assured, your funds will be safer and we’ll help you with this at the earliest. Further updates will be shared on your ticket 1205001.


Hi Deepak,

Its been 7 days since I have made the transfer which was supposed to be credited within few seconds. Its a big amount. Every day delay, is just eroding my trust from Niyo and the whole concept of Neo banks. I cannot interface with DCB which is holding my funds. Niyo is not helping beyond putting up pacifying emails/chats.
This is not fair. There is a problem which has not been corrected within the TAT(2 days) given to me. Tell me, how can anyone trust you with handling their money when everytime I reach out, all I hear is that you are working on priority and other such messages, but no action.

I am closing my relationship with Niyo after I get my money because I cannot trust your institution after this incident. It does not seem to be a problem with UPI because I am a big UPI user and had done a lot of such transactions in the past also( also with Niyo-DCB) but this is the first time I am actually writing such long messages to get back my hard earned money.


Hey @Abhinav_Bhatia! Regret the inconvenience! Let me try to help you with this. On your behalf, I have escalated this to our concerned team and am following up on a priority basis. On receiving an update, I’ll reach out to you.


Hey @Abhinav_Bhatia! We believe you have received an update on the funds that have been stuck with the Niyo DCB account.


I have sent money to the SBM account through Paytm UPI. Money has been deducted from my bank, but still didn’t reflect in my account

Hey @DHEERAJ_KUMAR09! Welcome to Niyo Community!

The balance update on the Niyo SBM app has been resolved. You should be able to view the updated balance in your app and you should be able to make transactions too.

We are once again sorry for the hassle that you’ve been through. Rest assured, we are working closely with the bank to avoid such instances in the future.


Hi Sasank here,
Please look into my concern. My ticket no is.1420476.
Very bad experience this time because my tuition fees got stuck.