Amount not credited

Hey i deposited to Niyo Global Sbm bank
I made transaction of 5,20,000 yesterday afternoon around 2.30 pm using RTGS
Amount as not been reflected yet.
Could anyone please help?
As amount is big and i need to pay my tution fees

Hey @Karangada! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Inconvenience regretted! As we checked, the funds are not credited to your account. You may receive a refund to your source account within 2-3 business days. Therefore, we kindly request you to wait until then. If you do not receive the refund, you may reach out to our team. The ticket number for 1424754.


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Can you please update???

Hey @Karangada! Our team have already escalated to the bank for further investigation and is following up with them constantly. We kindly request you to allow us some more time. We’ll update the status to you of your ticket 1424754.


I got my refund yesterday.
But my funds were on hold with you guys for 3 days, which is not legal i guess as per RBI
Please give clarification!

Hey @Karangada! Inconvenience regretted! Usually, the funds should get credited on the same day of your transaction. Unfortunately, the transaction was not successful in your case, and we aren’t sure about the reason for it. This has been highlighted to the bank for further investigation. If have any more information on this, we’ll keep you informed.