Money transferred by RTGS still not credited to yono account

My name is Ashish Masih I am international student the main reason for choosing niyo was the time it saves to transfer money from any place of this world. But most recently I am facing some issue regarding trasfer of funds as my parents transferred money from RTGS and it got debited the same day they sent me the money on my NIYO account but today is 3 Oct 2022 money is still not credited in my account.
They did RTGS on 1 Oct 2022.
Kindly do the needful as soon as possible because my last day to pay rent is 4 Oct 2022 and my tution fee is also due so I need to pay them.
I hope you please take care of this matter seriously as I am really worried about tomorrow.

Hey @ashish_masih! Welcome to Niyo Community!

There seems to be a delay in processing your transaction and we are sorry about it. As we’ve checked, the funds are still not credited to your Niyo Global account. We’ll also have this investigated from our end and try to help you with it at the earliest. The chances are there that the amount may get refunded to the source bank account (SBI). We kindly request you to check for the same. Please be assured that your funds will be safer.


Hello sir I need the money in my account as I need to pay my rent by tomorrow and if the amount get refunded then how does it help. Do I need not to trust Niyo for bank transfer.

Hey @ashish_masih! I agree with you. Usually, the funds should get credited within the timelines. There seems to be some delay/issue due to which your funds are still not credited. This has been highlighted and we are working on it. Upon receiving an update, we’ll reach out to you. In the meantime, please check the source bank too.

Also, please share the transaction UTR number with us which helps us to expedite the investigation process.


Sir I don’t have UTR number right now the bank only gave us the receipt for the transaction.

Hey @ashish_masih! Request you to please have that checked with the SBI support team and help us with it so that we would be able to investigate it from our end and try to help you at the earliest.

I am staying in Birmingham and my parents are in india. They can’t go bank again to check about this matter and they don’t know how to check that so they are more worried about it because the amount is not small.

Allow us to have this checked from our end.

Hey @ashish_masih! Upon investigating, there is no pending transaction at our end for the said amount. We kindly request you check with your source bank. If you haven’t received the refund, you have to share the UTR number for further investigation. Without it, we may not be able to help you.


Hey Deepak
UTR number for my transaction:-
SBINR 52022100107454300
Kindly solve the problem as today is the day to pay my rent.

Thank you
Ashish Masih

Thank you for sharing the details. Let us have this checked.

Sir I request you to find a solution by today as I really need to pay rent today .
So it’s a sincere request to you please do the needful as soon as possible.

It’s been more than a week. I did not receive my money which was sent to my NIYO account by RTGS. You asked for the UTR number which I gave you last week. I am really frustrated and decided not to use any more money transfer through NIYO global bank. I really need to pay my rent on 5 of October 2022 but due to this delay I am unable to pay my rent as well as my tution fee.
Kindly solve this issue as soon as possible.
It’s been the 11th day with no positive response from your end.

Hey @ashish_masih! We sincerely apologise for this. This shouldn’t have taken a long time. On your behalf, we’ve raised a priority request to have this checked. Kindly allow us some time and we’ll update the status.


Hey @ashish_masih! We’ve received a confirmation from the bank that the refund has been processed to your source account on the 11th of October. Request you to please check and confirm the same.