Account shows exceeded

I was opening an account on niyo global and unfortunately entered wrong file number. I request you to help me with this and give me access to open an account. It will be a great help for me as I’ll travel abroad next month.

Hi @Aryan_jasani, welcome to our community! On checking your account, I note that you have exceeded the maximum number of attempts to enter the passport file number. Unfortunately in this situation, we can not onboard you on Niyo Global. However, if you plan to travel abroad shortly, as a backup we recommend opening a NiyoX account and completing your full KYC there. The product now comes with a Zero forex card.

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Can you please reset my account,so that i can start again…

Actually you know what happened i just entered wrong adhaarcard so that passport file number doesn’t match that’s why i want to continue again…

So please help me so that i can continue that process again

Hey @Aryan_jasani, Let me look into this for you. We have escalated your issues to our team, we will get it checked and update you back. Appreciate your patience.

Please do it as soon as possible
I’m going abroad next month please try to understand…

Hi @Aryan_jasani, Allow me to investigate this for you. We have forwarded your concerns to our staff, who will investigate and get back to you. I’m grateful for your patience.

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Please do something as soon as possible :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Aryan_jasani, let me look into this for you. Your concerns have been shared with our team, who will look into them and get back to you. I appreciate your patience.

Any possibility for unlocking my account?

Hi @Aryan_jasani, regret the delay in response. Kindly do inbox us your passport copy in order to get that checked further.

Hi @Aryan_jasani, thank you for sharing the details. We have escalated this to the bank on your behalf, and we will try to update you as soon as we can. Thank you!

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