Account is blocked

During my account registration, I exceeded the limit trail because of passport file number.The passport file number had a O, which looked like 0(zero) and I was typing zero so my account got blocked.Isn’t there any chance you can unblock my account?
I was talking on a live chat and he said there’s a policy that after 7 trials account gets blocked permanently. Can’t you just unblock as genuinely I wasn’t aware that it was O and not zero.
I can also send a screenshot that every human being’s eye will see the file number as 0(zero).

What should i do now ???

Hey @Divyesh! Welcome to Niyo Community!

This has been highlighted to our team to check for the possibility to reset the passport file number validation. We’ll reach out to you upon receiving an update. It would be great if you can please allow us time.


Why my file number is not acceptable regardless it is right??

Hi @Divyesh, thanks for your time over the call. Since there is a mismatch in your name on your documents, we are unable to onboard you for Niyo SBM as of now. We’d request you to please update your name and then let us know and we’ll try to help you further.


Thank you for your response

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A similar thing happened to me also instead of “O” I mistakenly consider “0” so because of that I was permanently banned from registration.
I suggest putting input validation as we do for PAN Card numbers.

I got the name in adharcard change so plz tell me the next step and call me as you call in past to get clarification.


Hello Niyo

Give the reply my account is blocked and i want to activate the account i have talk with you in past and you told me to change the name in adharcard so i have done it so plz give the feed back on this

I want to activate my account


Give the feedback as soon as possible because i want the card in hurry

I really need the card in hurry so give me some information regarding that.

Hello niyo,

I really want the card in urgent basis and my trial limit is exceeded so gove me feedback as soon as possible


Hey @Divyesh! If you have updated the names on your document, please share them with us at from your registered email or reach out to live chat support through the app so that our team can validate them and try to help you to proceed further.


What i need to submit to them???

Do i need to send them documents in pdf format via email?


Yes @Divyesh! You are right. You have to send an email sharing the documents. Let us know here once you send an email.

I only send the querry regarding this but i forgot to upload the documents and also which documents i need to share with you.


I have sent the pdf file of adhar card , pancard and passport now plz give the reply as soon as possible.

Hey deepak plz tell me the next step??

They are telling me to it is impossible to activate my account.what is this???

Just delete my account so i can recreate it .


Hey @Divyesh! I’m having this checked with my team. Kindly wait for 2-3 business days and I’ll try to update the status to you on this.