About usage of NiyoX debit card overseas

Hello Team Niyo,
I was wondering, can I use the NiyoX debit card overseas on the foreign lands.
If yes, then what are the charges that I’ll have to pay for carrying out the transaction.
Thanks in advance :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Equitas is a Small Finance Bank. Not a nationalised bank currently. You won’t be able to make payments in currency other than INR !

Nope , you can make international transactions with Niyox (Equitas small finance bank) Debit card . Till now I have made transactions of Usd and euro.

Really ?
I had a talk with one of the manager sitting in Chennai Head office of Equitas Bank and they only told me that I cannot make any payment in currency other than INR.
I myself tried at amazon.uk, paypal & wise. Negative results !
Where did you make your foreign currency payments ? @sachin

I made those payments at Amazon.com(USD) , microsoft(Usd) , Epic games(INR) and Riot Games(Euro)

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@Vinay_Bagri can you please clear the doubts here ?

I was not able to do so too but I contacted Equitas customer support and they solved it . Here a post with this reference

When I had a talk with them, they completely denied their services towards international payment in foreign currencies. Infact, the inward remittances(foreign currencies) they accept is through Indusind bank.
Well, it’s nice you’re able to use this service but it’s wise to use Niyo Global or Jupiter for these purposes.

Hi @Apoorv @Yashie as confirmed by @Sachin You will be able to do international transaction from your NIyoX card without any hassle.

Kindly make sure that your international transactions are enabled.
Hereby giving you the charges for your reference:
An approximate markup charge of 3.5% will be levied on all international transactions. Below are the exact charges for each:

POS/ECOM - 3.5%
ATM Withdrawal - 3.5% + INR 110 + Taxes
Balance enquiry - INR 25 + Taxes


I am able to make transactions , I am just telling them that they can too. @Bansari

@Sachin Sure::slight_smile: We appreciate you helping the fellow community members. Thanks for your active participation :fist_right:t2: :fist_left:t2:


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My pleasure :sunglasses: :fist_right::fist_left:


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I want to say that, you can’t do Transaction on Microsoft store from niyox card, i have already enabled international (onboard) transaction option.

Paytm Bank Virtual Visa Card and Kotak bank Debit Cardis the best for Doing Transaction on Microsoft Store. It’s Working Perfectly.

Niyox Card is not Supporting, International Transaction on Microsoft Store, I request to NiyoX and Equitas Bank team to check this, why you card is not working on Microsoft store. Please take it seriously.
If you solve this issue, you can get more customers.
I am sharing sharing error screenshot, when i do Transaction on Microsoft store from Niyox Platinum Debit Card.


Thanks for the screenshot @Shubhankar_Mehta , we’re looking into this.

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