International payments

I was trying to make a payment in US$ through the Niyo platinum visa debit card but the transaction didn’t go through.
My international payment lock is enabled too.

Hi Apoorv,

Welcome to the Niyo community! We are sorry that your international txn failed. We may need some additional details like your account number to debug further, can you reach out to our customer support from the app. Home > Menu > Need help section.


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@Apoorv: Hello, please raise the ticket through the APP. It will help us to identify your account details. If you have already raised the issue then kindly share the ticket# here. We will get back to you asap. Regret the inconvenience.

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Ticket Id- 933649
Hope this issue will be resolved soon

@Apoorv : Thanks for sharing the ticket#. We are checking on it.

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