International transaction through Niyox Platinum card

I am not able to complete a international transaction through platinum debit card of Niyox (I did enable international transaction in Niyox app . Also in equitas bank app it shows that my Platinum debit card doesn’t support international transaction but the Niyox app says that my card can do international transaction
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Hey Sachin! We sincerely regret the inconvenience. Please inbox us your registered number so that we can get this checked for you right away! LK

My registered mobile number:-7010248507

Thank you for your time over call. We are looking into this and we will get back to you shortly with an update. LK

Hey Sachin! We sincerely apologize for the delay.
Once you have activated International spend on the app and set the limits, you need to get connected to Equitas Customer care at their toll-free number 1800 103 1222 and get it enabled for your card. LK


Can you able to do international transactions with this card now.? Because i have the same issue and contacted customer care on this topic. They issued a complaint and told me to provide screenshot of the error and wait.

Yes bro I am able to do it . All you have to do is enable International through Equitas IVR . Just call at this number :- 1800 103 1222 and proceed with correct options


Thanks for replaying, I have called 1800 103 1222 and enebled International and domestic trnsaction via IVR(OTP NEEDED). But still unable to make transactions. Also in equitas bank app i cannt eneble the international transaction option. Are you able to eneble it now ?

Which website are you unable to do so , I am also not able to enable it in equitas bank app (it’s a problem from their app) but still I can do international transaction

Hey @Ayan . I as a fellow community member would recommended you to get a Niyo Global Card. Trust me, it’s industry’s best Forex card. You get 0% markup charges and the best part is, it works in almost all international ecom websites. Add to that, you can also use it in abroad and get 0% markup charges on all transactions.

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@jainashrith there any way to change our Niyox card directly to Niyo global card ? And what are the conditions for the global account does it have 0 balance maintenance like Niyox ?

Hi @Sachin_Balurkar ,

Niyo Global card is a different product all together with the partnership of DCB Bank.

You can go ahead and refer this link : for all the features and applying for the same.


Hey @Sachin_Balurkar . NiyoX and Niyo Global Card are totally different products. I would recommend you to keep the NiyoX account as it is if you have completed your full KYC as it serves as a fully fledged “0” balance account.
And to open Niyo Global Card, you can refer to the previous post mentioned by Bansari. As far as account maintenance is concerned, YES it is a “0” maintenance account. Meaning, you will not get charged anything if you don’t maintain balance. But card is ₹200/year (excl. GST).

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I needed to ask that when is Niyox (Equitas) gonna support more sites for international transactions . I can’t add my card to Epic games (international site) but I can use it on another international sites but only on this site I am unable to do so

That I don’t know :sweat_smile:. But I can completely assure you that I have personally used Niyo Global Card in the following websites and has worked completely fine:

  1. Namecheap
  2. Epic Games
  3. Steam
  4. Hostinger

Note that all the sites mentioned above except Steam charge you in USD.

I was also not charged any markup charges.
Well, initially TCS charges are deducted but later it is refunded under 2 weeks.


yea but i don’t have passport to apply for Niyo Global Card . :frowning_face:

:sweat_smile: Sorry mate, can’t help with that. Try and get a passport. They’ll charge you ₹1500-₹2000.

I tried on Microsoft store, epic games but they always decline the card. also i dont have passport so i cannt make global card if they want.

@Ayan same here I also have problems on these sites but on other international site my cards works without any problem

Can you suggest those other international sites ? so i can cheak my card.