About the CKYC issue

I have been running into the same error can somebody from the team help me with this ? I am sure about my CKYC details as I have the certificate from CERSAI.

I am Nikhil, I’ve created my niyoX bank account recently and I also wanted to open niyo sbm forex card, for that I need CKYC number right. So niyoX will able to create my CKYC or not. If yes how many days it will require because I need forex card as I am travelling abroad in next 10 days…
If it is not possible to get it done, will I able to use my niyoX debit card as forex card ?
Waiting for your reply…

I mailed SBM Niyo Global team, and I received above reply.
Actually I have done e-KYC before for Zerodha., and many people who had done e KYC before could able to generate this CKYC, online on SBM app.
CKYC offline process itself takes about 2 weeks. If you could please help me that will be great. @Bansari @ashrithjain

Hi @RYPryp38

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You’re facing a CKYC issue. Unfortunately, we cannot proceed further with the onboarding. As mentioned earlier, if you do have a CKYC record, please DM us the CKYC number.


Hi @RYPryp38

Sit back and Relax! This has been highlighted with our team. Rest assured! we will resolve this at the earliest.


Not able to create the account

Hello @Ranjith ,
Whenever I try to complete signup process in Niyo SBM application on android device it shows this two screen only. please guide me how can I complete registration process. I am about to travel abroad in 2 weeks and I need to issue forex card urgently.

Thank you,
Utpal Senjalia.

Hi @Utpal_Senjalia

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It looks like you don’t have a KYC record in the CKYC directory. Unfortunately, we’re unable to proceed further with the onboarding process. Regret the inconvenience. Hope to server you better in the future.


Hey @Ranjith ,
Thank you for the response.
Can you explain what is CKYC?

Hi @Utpal_Senjalia

CKYC (Central KYC) know your customer, is the procedure which reduces the formality of going through multiple KYC procedure, by completing your KYC just once, which gives access to interact with multiple financial institutions. To get an update on your CKYC status. Kindly visit the CVLKRA site.

Hope this answers!


hello , the ckyc servers are down ! please tell me any other way to get ckyc done!

Hi @David_Bhardwaj

Thank you for sharing the details. Kindly DM your registered mobile number to get this checked for you. Your patience is appreciated. Also, request you not to post confidential information considering data safety.


Hey i signed up then for this niyo sbm card i have done my ckyc and now i am unable to proceed further again its showing the same info there. Please help @Ranjith

Same dude I also got my Ckyc (Full ckyc) done recently and I am still getting the same error

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Hi ranjith, I’m facing problems while opening an account with niyo sbm app. Request you to kindly solve this issue. If possible kindly provide DM number, or email id.

Hi @Prateek_Sahni

Please send an email to onb-global@goniyo.com. Please include your registered mobile number + any screenshots along with the issue.



I also got a similar error of CKYC, although I have CKYC no. Can you @Ranjith help me with that?

Even I am facing same issue for ckyc. Following ticket number u got in email reply 1097350.

Same issue from many years and no proper resolution till now. Reply on email from support team is very slow even on redundant issues.

Even money stuck in my friend’s account. People need card before travel but looks like getting back response from support itself is challenging. Please improve on solving problems.

Hey @sumit_dwivedi! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We wish we could’ve helped you with the onboarding procedure for Niyo Global by SBM. It looks the servers are failing to fetch your CKYC details. Our team is working to build an alternative onboarding method. However, this will be taking a long time. In the meantime, we’d request you to try another product of ours i.e NiyoX which can be used for international transactions with 0 forex mark-up charges.