Ckyc failed . Account can't create

I have followed all steps for creating a new account on niyo global app…
But at last it shows, sorry, we can’t create your account.
You didn’t meet the outlined ckyc conditions.

Hey @Sarojkumar_Sahoo! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We are sorry for keeping you waiting! The onboarding for Niyo SBM is based on CKYC. When our system tried to fetch your CKYC details, it showed that you have got an OTP Based e-KYC and the year of it is 2021. To onboard for Niyo SBM, the CKYC type should be Normal due to which we cannot onboard you for Niyo SBM as of now.

As an alternative, you may try NiyoX which offers a 0 forex mark-up for international transactions. Read more about the Difference between NiyoX and Niyo SBM - #2 by Deepak


I’m not interested in niyox. Because some benefits are not available in niyox. I like the benefits of niyo global.
So if any other way available please let me know
How I can open a account in niyo global ??
Thanks & Regards