About the CKYC issue

I have gone through the app and tried to register myself, but it says unable to create account because it couldn’t find CKYC information on the database. Please give an solution for this issue.
Thank you in advance :relaxed:

Hey @Yashie ! Could you please ask any of your bank’s where you hold your account to get your CKYC record updated for you? Post that we may help you out!

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CKYC is possible when:

  1. You hold a bank account and your bank has uploaded the same to central repository.
  2. You hold a MF account and details for the same have been uploaded.



My details comply with both the requirements i.e

  1. I have a Full KYC account with NiyoX
  2. I have already created a MF Niyo Money account with the same details as my bank account’s and it’s activated.
    ( Created today)

However when I log into NIYO SBM, it says: No CKYC has been found in the database.
Please look into it, as I’m in urgent need of the Niyo SBM card.

I have a bank account with a public sector bank already and I had received an email which said that my details are successfully registered with CKYC and also received the CKYC number.
Even then I am facing the same CKYC details not registered error on the beta app. Can you please look into this at the earliest?

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Hey Mihir! That shouldn’t have happened! Would you mind leaving your registered number with us via DM so that we can get this checked? LK


Hi @Pratyush_kt

Let me look into this for you. Don’t worry, we’ve got our team looking into this for you. We should be able to get a quick fix on this issue and will keep you posted!


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hey lucky
i also have same issue like I also have ckyc number but still sbm app say to me no data base found please help ASAP

hemal patel

Thanks for informing, But currently I have a Full KYC account of NiyoX. So can I request Equitas Bank to complete my CKYC for me to get access for the New Program of yours.

Is there an update on this issue? Or is the issue being tracked and updated on a daily basis on some thread? I have been waiting for more than 4 days now and the issue doesn’t seem to be resolved still and no updates are being given to the customers.

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Hi Mihir,

The CKYC issue is being worked on, hopefully you would be able to retry on Monday. I will reconfirm on this forum.



Is this issue has been solved or we need to wait long?

Hi @Nikhilkumar_Shah

Welcome to the Niyo Community!

We are working tirelessly to provide you with seamless banking experience. Kindly allow us sometime and we shall get back here with an update soon.

Thanks for the patience.


When is the final build of Niyo global sbm is gonna come in playstore? I am asking this because that version won’t have the major errors that we have right now . @Bansari kindly tell if stable build of Niyo global sbm is gonna come in this month?

Hey @Sachin ! We’ll only release the stable version of the app once all debugging is done. Appreciate your patience.

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What is ETA for it?

I have a problem with CKYC Can someone help me?

Hey, i am having the same issue and i need to travel soon… please help… also can someone tell when i was in the process of signing up for niyo sbm, why did i recieve a mail with my credit score report? i didnt ask or request for it.

I am also facing the same issue with the CKYC. I know my CKYC is available, as I have recently got it updated and have a mail confirmation regarding the same.

@Jassi955 Regarding the CRIF credit report, I did get it to. But I remember noticing somewhere along applying that we agree that niyo sbm will do a credit check with CRIF on our behalf. So that seems okay to me.

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