About the CKYC issue

@iamadityamalik I have kyc with my bank still getting the error message

@Mohammad_Aziz having a kyc is different than having a CKYC entry. You can check that Here. If it gives you a response like in the screenshot below then contact via onb-global@goniyo.com. I’ve highlighted things to look for. Also, CKYC shouldn’t be older than 4 years.

Which bank registered your kyc in KRA I mean in Ckyc registry. @iamadityamalik

@Sachin in my case it was done by Kotak Securities.

Was it all online process? @iamadityamalik because I need to get my kyc registered in Ckyc in normal mode

Yup, all online. They did it when i opened my demat account with them. Also, if you use NiyoX then that should do too as it was done for my spouse by then.

But I asked equitas they said it’s registered (ckyc) but it was my Ckyc registered by Groww

When you registered with NiyoX, someone would have come to take your fingerprint and get full KYC done, that would count as Normal KYC. Also, give it around 15 days to be updated in the CKYC registry

Yes I know that but I contacted Equitas they said my Ckyc is registered

But when I contacted Niyo Sbm they said that my Ckyc didn’t match the requirements, I guess they said so because I recently had Online kyc for {MF} Groww app and it’s under process.
Can guys tell me briefly about my situation? @iamadityamalik @ashrithjain @Bansari

Did you receive email after registration with NiyoX from CKYC registry with your CKYC registration number?

No I didn’t receive email about it (Niyox) (Equitas), but I received email about Groww app “Modified your ckyc details”

Hi @Sachin @iamadityamalik,

Niyo Money does not register the KYC with CKYC but with the SEBI audited KYC registration Agencies (CVL).

I am not talking about niyo money , I am talking about Niyox {Equitas}. And I know they register my Kyc details in CVL KRA Which is audited By SBEI.


I have niyox saving account with full kyc and also I have already activated the niyox investment account with same details and yet I’m not able to open an niyo global SBM account as it says “with your details we couldn’t find a match in CKYC database”, someone please help me with this!!

If investment account is activated then my ckyc data should be available, right?
And with same details they didn’t have my ckyc data how’s this possible?
It’s urgent please help me with this!

The niyo Money investment account is opened through Digilocker Kyc mode which is not supported by banks, as banks want your Kyc mode to be “Normal” in order to open a bank account .So you could try kyc Which do your kyc in Normal Mode or You could email Equitas Small finance bank
(Mail:- nodalofficer@equitasbank.com) to update your kyc in Ckyc Registry or you could also do kyc in Mutual fund that register your kyc in Normal mode (for example:- ET money)

Sachin ツ

@Sachin Do I have to send my account details to [Mail:nodalofficer@equitasbank.com] ?

@Sachin @Bansari
Can you tell me with more detailed specific information?

I guess or you could mail your other bank to update your kyc in ckyc registry

I tried applying for a Niyo Global SBM forex card but iam facing the ckyc issue

but my ckyc is not even 3 years old can anyone suggest me how to resolve the issue

@chaithanya_reddy if you’re seeing this, it is likely that you don’t have a CKYC and being in Beta phase Niyo Global by SBM is only onboarding people with full CKYC.
Solution to this would be contacting your bank or securities account provider to update your ckyc details.
If you think you have a CKYC already, you can check that Here . If it gives you a response like in the screenshot below then contact via onb-global@goniyo.com. I’ve highlighted things to look for. Also, CKYC shouldn’t be older than 4 years.

Hi ,
i have checked the above screenshot, the highlited points in the sreenshot matches with mine. Even i have my ckyc number as well. dont know what to do and i need the forex card as my travel date is getting closer