Ckyc error to get Niyo Global Card by SBM

Hello, Good day,
I’m facing a error regarding ckyc since 7-8 days and I have contacted my bank and they informed my ckyc is done. Also I have open a mutual funds account and it’s ckyc is under the process. Could you guys help me out for creating an account to get Niyo Global Card by SBM?
My ckyc from mutual funds may take some time and would like to initiate my card delivery process before that, please help me with this case.
Thank you and Best regards. Hope you accept my genuine request.

Hi @Flash ,

Welcome to the Niyo Community!

Firstly, we’re delighted and immensely thankful to you for agreeing to be our first adopters and beta users. Your trust in us has given us the confidence to build a robust product that we hope will transform lives of Indians travelling abroad.

Feedback about the product has been pouring in and we’re putting our best foot forward to fix every loophole that has been pointed out before we roll Niyo Global by SBM out in the market.

While we’re at it, we have a small request for users in the pre-onboarding stage -

Please write to us at with your concerns + registered mobile number + screenshots so we don’t miss out on any of the queries and resolve them on priority.

This will also help us track the queries better.


I have already mailed them but it seems to be no help from their end… I will try again but I’m not expecting much from there.

Hi @Flash,
Rest assured you don’t need to escalate again we are here to help :slight_smile: Kindly help me with the ticket number and we shall take it from there.


Thank you very much. I really appreciate your support.
Here’s my Ticket number - 1026903

Hi @Flash

Thanks for sharing the ticket number we will take it forward with the concern team and you shall receive an update soon.


@Bansari Ma’am, Please check DM, I have a concern related to availability of full kyc in my city. Had DMed @moderators earlier but no response.

Hello Mam,
Any update on my issue.
I am waiting for your reply.

Hello Mam,
I recently contacted regarding an error to opt for Niyo Global card by SBM, but no reply has been made from your team.
I would be grateful for your assistance and look forward to hearing from you.

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I just received a email from central KYC today about confirmation of my ckyc with a pdf. I would like to let you know that my ckyc is done and I have my ckyc number with me now.
Could you please tell me why there is still a error about ckyc at the time of registration.
I hope there is no problem for opting this card and I would like to have your assistance with this case.
Thank you and Regards.
Yours Faithfully,
Bhagyesh More