Creating account issue

i will mail the global niyo team a lot of times and they don’t support me properly I see a lot of issues for SBM card about ckyc update
I get this type error

Hey @hemalpatel . Welcome to Niyo community. I’d like to inform you that your KYC doesn’t meet our requirements and hence cannot proceed further with the onboarding process. Regret the inconvenience. Looking forward to serve you in the future!


but what is your requirement for KYC? let me inform me

Hey @hemalpatel . As we’re following 100% digital onboarding process, inorder to complete your Full KYC, we follow Aadhaar XML and CKYC check. But in your case, your CKYC records don’t seem to be updated and hence cannot onboard you further. Regret the inconvenience.

how I knw that my ckyc is generated ?

then can i try to apply for ckyc from any bank first?

please help me if you have any rights to delete my account then please help me I will try


  1. please can you check your Pan and Aadhaar have the same name?
  2. check Date of birth also.

Yes i have same details on both
As of your policy i think ckyc is issue in. My case
I contact with my bank and they said we need atleast ,14 working days for updataion of ckyc

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That doesn’t seem to be the issue as you have mentioned.
As you can see in the attached screenshot,My ckyc was updated on 23rd of July.
Still your app shows this error.
I request you to check your app and allow me to onboard as all my details as well as my ckyc records are correct and updated