Your strategy in the Stock Market?

When Covid-19 had hit us in Q1 2020, markets bottomed out with NIFTY 50 at around 8000 levels. Then in next 18 months, rigorous buying from that level took NIFTY 50 to around 17500 level, giving us a return of ~120% in just 18-19 months.

Now, markets have been falling again over the concerns due to rising Covid cases from Omicron strain, with few countries witnessing really alarming numbers.

What would be your strategy this time to get the desired returns?
  • Buy blue chip quality stocks on every dip (Top NIFTY 50 stocks like TCS)
  • Try to time the market and invest huge amount on bottom out in selective stocks at cheap valuations
  • No change in strategy, invest as usual for long term
  • Stay away from company stocks for a while and invest only in safe haven such as Gold ETFs listed on NSE/BSE
  • Pick and choose Covid beneficiary companies (the likes of Dr Lal Pathlab)

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