Seperate tab for TCS transactions - deduction & refund

Hi Team,

I don’t know if anyone’s looking into this but my statement really looks like a mess right now. For each international transaction, there’s - deduction, TCS deduction, FX Adjustment, prev TCS refund due to FX adjustment, TCS deducted again as per settlement rate, then after 12 days there’s a TCS refund if limit <7 lakhs. That’s about 7 entried for a single transaction. All mostly on different dates. Mingled between all other 7 entries for other transaction.

Can we just seperate the TCS deduction & refund from my real transaction? My limit is not going to exceed 7 lakhs but my statement is really screwed. I never get to understand my actual spendings untill I sit & look at it for whole 20 mins. Please see!



Hey Sarthak! Welcome to the Niyo Community! Though we do understand your concern, right now we don’t have an option to bifurcate your statements into two parts. We have passed your feedback to the team and we will strive to offer you a better experience. LK

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I said the same exact thing and got nothing. nada